Harrow Primary Care Networks

There are 5 Primary Care Networks in Harrow, made up of the 33 practices in the Harrow CCG.

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Honeypot Medical Centre
Mollison Way
Bacon Lane Surgery

GP Direct
The Streatfield Health Centre
Northwick Surgery
St. Peter’s Medical Centre
Elliot Hall Centre
Hatch End Medical Centre

Stanmore Medical Centre
Belmont Medical Centre
Enterprise Practice
The Streatfield Medical Centre
Circle Practice
Aspri Medical Centre

Civic Medical Centre
Pinner View Medical Centre
Pinner Road Surgery
Savita Medical Centre
Headstone Lane Surgery
Headstone Road Surgery
First Choice Medical
Zain Medical Centre
Kenton Clinic
Kings Road Surgery
Shaftesbury Medical Centre

Pinn Medical Centre
Enderley Road
Kenton Bridge (Dr Raja)
Kenton Bridge (Dr Golden)
Roxbourne Medical Centre
Simpson House
Ridgeway Medical Centre

National Service Specifications to be implemented over the next two years

Implemented from April 2020:

  • Structured Medications Reviews and Optimisation
  • Supporting Early Cancer Diagnosis
  • Enhanced Health in Care Homes
  • Personalised Care
  • Anticipatory Care

Implemented from April 2021:

  • CVD Prevention and Diagnosis
  • Tackling Neighbourhood Inequalities

    Harrow Health Enhanced Services

    Harrow Health CIC will act as the Lead Provider for the delivery of Primary Care Enhanced Services in line with the specifications that are set out in this Service Level Agreement (SLA).  Delivery of these services will be through a direct delivery model or through sub-contracting arrangements with individual GP Practices unless otherwise indicated.

    The Enhanced Services Contract was directly awarded to Harrow Health CIC.

    The Enhanced Service Contract includes the 5 specifications:

    • Anti-coagulation: Warfarin (initiation and monitoring); DOACS (initiation)
    • Long Term Conditions Prevention and Management
    • DMARDs – monitoring
    • Medicines Optimisation 
    • Phlebotomy: 2- 15 years and 16+ years